The World Culture Brand began growing in 2015, with a variety of successful events, which has lead to a singular multi-category competition for men, women and children of all ages and backgrounds.  Each competition strives to find the best from around the World to best represent the Nations traditions and values.  Unlike other competitions, World Culture has a top five winners from five continents – Asia, Africa, Europe, North American and South America.  We strive to bring innovative ideas to create a positive platform for promoting cultures around the World and establishing better ties around the World.


Applications For National Directors have begun!

OCTOBER 26 to 27 – Arrival in Harbin
OCTOBER 30 – Press Conference
NOVEMBER 7 – Final Competition
NOVEMBER 8 – City Tour


Harbin is the capital and largest city of Heilongjiang province in the northeastern region of the People’s Republic of China.  Harbin serves as a key political, economic, scientific, cultural, and communications hub in Northeast China, as well as an important industrial base of the nation. Having the most bitterly cold winters among major Chinese cities, Harbin is heralded as the Ice City for its well-known winter tourism and recreations.  Harbin is notable for its beautiful ice sculpture festival in the winter.   Besides being well known for its historical Russian legacy, the city serves as an important gateway in Sino-Russian trade today, containing a sizable population of Russian diaspora.  In the 1920s, the city was considered China’s fashion capital since new designs from Paris and Moscow reached here first before arriving in Shanghai.  The city has been voted “China Top Tourist City” by China National Tourism Administration in 2004.  On 22 June 2010, Harbin was appointed a “City of Music” by the UN.


We are actively looking to find National Directors for each Country in every category.  Please contact us here so that we may contact you and provide all necessary documents for you to begin this amazing competition.