Most beauty pageant sponsors are businesses that benefit from the exposure. These businesses sponsor beauty pageants from the local level to national. In turn, these businesses benefit from getting their name associated with the pageant and its contestants.  Businesses that sponsor beauty pageants rely on models for their continued operation. Clothing manufacturers and model agencies are the primary beauty pageant sponsors because of their heavy reliance on models. Clothing manufacturers need models to show off the latest fashions. Models are the primary method by which a particular brand or fashion statement becomes popular.   Model agencies are always looking for new talent to join their agency. By sponsoring a beauty pageant, a modeling agency shows off its models while scouting for new talent. Models from the beauty pageants are often contracted by the sponsoring businesses for modeling work.

Our events are covered in the media providing a good opportunity to for exposure.  Also all our sponsors receive VIP treatment when attending the Grand Final in November including meeting the contestants at the welcome party and at the celebration party after the show. There will be a rich display of culture incorporating charity work, international acts and artists: explosively colorful, excitingly cultural and unforgettably entertaining are the keywords for the evening.

If you are interested to learn about the many opportunities to sponsor Miss World Culture please do contact us here.